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Mini Screen 2000


The Mini Screen 2000 is most productive and economical mobile screening unit in its class

From transport position to fully operational under 4 minutes!

Tried and tested in the toughest environments

The Miniscreen 2000 is highly maneuverable and productive. With an average all up weight of 2.8 ton, it can be easily towed by any SUV or VAN etc.

The large (6ft x 6ft) screen-box and screening area of 3.3m² (36ft²) makes it capable of screening up to 100 ton per hour (depending on material).


The amazing set up time of under 4 minutes gets to work off to a fast start and is capable of running on less than 3 liters ( 0.7 gallons) of diesel per hour, making great savings for the operator on both time and money.

Mini Screen 2000 is the ideal solution for many operators, for example: small sand or gravel pit owners, golf courses, ground works contractors, landscaping, waste processing companies, paving companies and utilities.

Mini Screen 2000 will screen the following:
• Top soil
• Crushed rock
• Coal
• Builders rubble
• Compost
• Shredded wood
• Sand & gravel
• Crushed asphalt


Powered by: 10hp Diesel Engine

Fuel tank capacity: 26 L

Transport length: 4640 mm (15,22 ft)

Transport width: 2146 mm (7,04 ft)

Transport height: 2350 mm (7,7 ft)

Working operational height: 2870 mm (9,4 ft)

Screenbox length: 1820 mm (6 ft)

Screenbox width: 1820 mm (6 ft)

All specifications subject to change without prior notice


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